Your'e A Diamond That I'm Afraid To Touch

FLASHBACK: Unseen clip from “Walker Phillips” (2009) | Youtube Link

Darren Criss was #1 on the Culturalist’s Top 10 list “Best Broadway hunks to play Christian in a stage adaptation of Moulin Rouge!” (by

Keith Caulfield, Jason Lipshutz, Darren Criss - Billboard Pop Shop Podcast
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On this week’s extra-long episode, Jason and Keith are joined by special co-host Darren Criss, who sits in for an hour of music talk after answering a few questions about the final season of Glee [source]

New footage of Sideswipe (voiced by Darren Criss) from “Transformers: Robots In Disguise”

Full clips: Bumblebee’s Mission | Masters of Destruction

Celebrity Name Game 1.06 “Sheryl Crow & Darren Criss” [Full Episode]

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya:
First clip of Chloë Moretz and Darren Criss as Kaguya and Sutemaru | Full Trailer

NY Fashion Week Day 1 - Darren Criss interview #NYFW #MBFW

I missed the live streams for Ani and Trail to Oregon! Does that mean I'll never get to see them?


No! Both shows are archived and available for viewing here:

That site also includes all of our old archived shows!